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Globalies flyer

GLobaLies is the new trio from San Diego consisting of Mario Garduno on drums, Marc Espo, Vocals & Guitar, and Rice Enright on Bass.  People often ask, does GlobaLies mean you are conspiracy theorists?  Our answer is an emphatic NO.  We just know that we are being lied to.  Whether it be Corporations, Government, or the Media, it’s all lies.  GLobaLies does not need to know the truth because we channel this energy to create an aggressive sound with songs influenced by the GlamRock & Post Punk movements.   GLobaLies has arrived on the scene in a big way.  GLobaLies wants to raise your awareness and together, we can make a difference.





TJ Doyle’s musical aspirations began in a childhood filled with instruction in the fine arts of piano, guitar, and eventually composition. Once he lent his own vocal talents to the music, it paved the way for a stint in the garage band scene and entry in a talent competition. TJ and a friend won top honors, landing them a gig at a local nightclub for the next three years, and after several years touring with bands, the rest is history.

In 2005 TJ began pre-production on his debut album, One True Thing. Recording with Grammy Award winning mixer Tom Weir’s Studio City Sound, TJ invited Tracy Chapman alums, Rock Deadrick on Drums, David Sutton on bass, and Phil Parlapiano to lay down piano, accordion and keyboard tracks, as well as Bruce Springsteen guitarist Tim Pierce to solo on multiple tracks. Placing importance on song selection and the conveyance of meaning, TJ envisioned his album making its mark as an original on the music circuit.

TJ’s 4 years of dedication and passion led to the album’s release in 2009, when fans and new listeners embraced One True Thing’s positive pro-love and pro-earth message. Harnessing his love for nature and strong desire to evoke a sense of urgency to protect our Earth, TJ was inspired to write songs like “Earth Is Crying,” “One True Thing,” and “Favorite Places” on the upcoming album. “Nature has taught me that everything is alive and it’s own way conscious.”

When TJ is not performing or recording, he spends his time mountain biking, walking his dog Casey, and practicing Kundilini Yoga. Yoga too, seems the perfect extension for TJ’s understanding of nature, which he says teaches the ability to listen and allow ideas and words to emerge for his work. Cultivating space and allowing the music and lyrics to emerge from within, his formula is one of true organic form.

His sophmore album reaches even deeper into the idea of the human experience, the way to understand the world around us, and then process that experience. “Music is a language that has found it’s way into every culture on Earth but has a common meaning in each culture. I think music can lift people into more conscious awareness when they let themselves go with it.” He describes his sound as fitting under the broad umbrella of rock, and maybe even a little structured pop being thrown in. Tapping the talents of producer Ryan Greene and lyricist Lynda Levy, TJ is intent on continuing in the same vein of energetic sound. Fans should expect the new album’s release in late 2013.

TJ Doyle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialtjdoylemusic

TJ Doyle Twitter: www.twitter.com/tjdoylemusic

TJ Doyle Website: www.tjdoylemusic.com






The Fox & Family was founded in December 2006. Given the talents and skills of its members, the route was immediately easy. And suddenly, the band was already active on the stages of northern Italy and Switzerland. In a short time there are hundreds of concerts that give to the band structure and solidity in order to ensure to the clubs and its audience everything a ROCK BAND needs: Security, Reliability, and live performance. In the summer of 2011, the F & F was invited in the studios of Channel 5 to take part in an audition for Italian’s Got Talent


Fox – Father

Christiana – Mother

Marco – Son

Claudia – Daughter

[only Rock Italian Family on Stage]


FOX-Guitar: This is the most experienced of the Band behind hundreds of concerts with


Participates as a musician in the WORLD MISS ITALY in Bellinzona Suisse.

and appears to live with ARTHUR MILES Soul singer / blues vocalist and Sugar


MARCO – Bass: is the engine of the band, his ride reminiscent of the great Steve Harris

In addition to FOX & FAMILY plays with MAINPAIN and SEAWARD

Is selected at the national level by CPM VIRGIN RADIO and to participate in JAM 160 playing on stage STAZIONE BEER – ROME opening in EDOARDO BENNATO and then on the stage of ALCATRAZ – MILANO in the opening to the RAMONES. In 2012 flies to Chicago alongside Sweet Bev Perron experience for all American Blues.


CLAUDIA – Drum: is the youngest of the band, but with a sense of rhythm as a veteran.

In addition to F & F she played with YOUNG EXPERIENCE Tribute to HENDRIX participated in Ameno Blues Festival with international musicians and has played with SWEET BEV PERRON soul singer from Chicago


CHRISTIANA –  Voice. The more rock Mother of Italy. She’s able to take the stage for more than three hours at high levels ranging from soul / blues to more pulled rock / metal



Walk (2)

Destino is a Latin pop trio based in Hollywood, CA
that consists of Anthony Chacon, Edgar Ignacio, and Leandro Castillo. The group
came together in October of 2012 by fusing their musical influences, vocals abilities and smooth


Links – www.fb.com/officialdestinomusic






Ryan Cassata is a transgender singer-songwriter & motivational speaker living in San Francisco who – all by the age of 19 – successfully cut six records, booked and went on several tours, played several of the world’s biggest lesbian-gay-bisexual & transgender [LGBT] music festivals, won the Harvey Milk Memorial Award, became the youngest keynote speaker for the largest transgender conference in the world, and appeared on National & International TV several times.
The Long Island-native plays guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, and sings. At the young age of 14, Ryan began to gig across Long Island. Now only five years later he has made over 300 appearances, consisting of tour dates from coast to coast including a date on the legendary Van’s Warped Tour. Cassata performed at the world’s biggest gay music festivals opening for artists such as Karmin, Salt N Pepa, Frenchie Davis, Chris Crocker, Tom Goss & more. Cassata has also performed on shows with The Click Five, Austin Gibbs, Jeff LeBlanc, Madina Lake, Kevin Seconds, Allison Weiss, Ace Enders and more.

Ryan Cassata is the composer of the soundtrack for “Loop Planes”, an award-winning independent film that screened in the South By Southwest (SXSW) Film & Music Festival (2010), the Tribeca Film Festival. (2010), the International Israel Women’s Film Festival (with The Runaways) (2010) and over 40 other film festivals.

Ryan Cassata appeared on The Larry King Live Show (2009), the Tyra Banks Show (2010), and ABC TV series “Head First” (2013) for being transgender himself. Aside from being a musician Cassata is a strong advocate for the Transgender community. He travels the States speaking at High Schools, Colleges and Conferences sharing his story with a mission to stop ignorance and bring peace to the world. ”