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Diana Arbenina & Night Snipers

Diana Arbenina & Night Snipers

Russian band, founded in1993 and celebration 25 years anniversary, lead by a vocalist Diana Arbenina, is called a legend at home. Behind “Snipers” back are dozens of hits, thousands of fans around the world and not a single repeating concert. Every performance of this legendary band has a fiery rock’n’roll vibe and is overall an unforgettable event! Audiences get excited from the first second band leader Diana Arbenina appears on stage. Inimitable charisma, vocal and acting skills as well as emotionalism and sensibility are what “Night Snipers” are valued for all around the world. Each and every song brings its own philosophy and images. At the same time songs are so intimate that they touch people’s souls, leaving no one indifferent. “Snipers” are welcome guests in many countries and are considered the most touring band from Russia