April Band of the Month – Culprit


April 2nd, 2011



Los Angeles, CA

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Travis Powell – Vocals/Guitar
Mayauel Garavito – Guitar/Vocals
Zach Blumenfeld – Bass/Vocals
Jason Michalski – Drums


April 19 @ The Whisky


Out 4.20.11


Anyone can play sugary, watered down pop music. Aggressive, riffy rock is also just as easy to come by. But Culprit? These boys march to the beat of their own drum while mixing experimental songwriting with a pop sensibility in creating an invigorating musical experience. Their latest effort, "Redeemer," is the perfect blend of chord-driven rock and ambient, dreamy breakdowns – perfect for any atmosphere. Not only does Culprit exceed the musical standard by leaps and bounds, they will also warm your heart with their undeniable charm and wit. Spend a day with Culprit, and you'll feel like a newborn kitten.

Formed in the unforgiving reaches of Los Angeles in 2006, Culprit has traveled quite a journey to reach their current success. Member changes have created inevitable hurdles in the bands' progress, but ever since the solidified 4 piece lineup came to life in March of 2010, Culprit has been on pace to take over the West Coast music scene with a vengeance. Enjoy a cup of Moroccan mint tea or a dry martini and pop in some Culprit…you won't be disappointed.

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